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21 June

Dr. Houser responds to Lynch letter in local paper

Klamath Science-Informed Decision Making Process Needs Improvement

Dr. Paul R. Houser, 20 June 2012

After I questioned the accuracy of science reporting and summary documents related to the Klamath Secretarial Decision, I faced systematic reprisal and my job as the Bureau of Reclamation’s science advisor was terminated. Subsequently, I filed a scientific integrity allegation, and was invited to speak publically about it in May 2012.  I was confronted with a very wide range of questions, where I carefully offered my opinion or relevant information. Last week Mr. Dennis Lynch  (USGS) questioned some of this information. Below I summarize the rationale for my comments, and offer some additional perspective (full text available at

1)      Mr. Lynch states that “our team summarized these findings in an Overview Report that received a second layer peer review from six independent experts.”  He fails to mention the peer review comment 3-5: “The Summary and Findings section does not sufficiently express the uncertainties in the responses to restoration options” which is generally consistent with my allegation These concerns should be addressed by writing a new summary that accurately portrays the dam removal uncertainties and risks, and the additional actions that will be needed to meet the environmental and societal goals.

4)      Mr. Lynch disagrees with my comment that a more in-depth engineering analysis is needed to assure that Iron Gate Dam is removed safely.  My comment was based on an EIS/EIR comment submitted by Stephen Koshy, who warned that notching the earth-filled Iron Gate Dam may cause it to fail. This concern can be addressed by providing a public response to Mr. Koshy along with the relevant engineering analyses.

5)      Mr. Lynch disagrees with my comment that the sediment coming out of the dams would be the equivalent volume of one to three feet covering 190 miles of a 150 foot wide channel.  The sediment volume studies have discrepancies, but my volume equivalency calculations are correct. Further, the draft EIS/EIR states: “Short-term (2–yr) aggradation of sediment from the dams could be substantial below Iron Gate Dam downstream to Willow Creek, with up to 5 feet of deposition within 0.5 miles downstream of the dam, to 1.5 feet of deposition near Willow Creek.”  Downstream impacts of sediment are a significant concern, so alternate options such as dredging may also need to be more seriously considered.

6)      Mr. Lynch disagrees with my concerns that the released sediments may be harmful to fish, and may have a significant impact for 1-2 years.  The draft EIS/EIR states “…the short-term (<2 years following dam removal) increases in SSCs [suspended sediment] in the lower Klamath River and the Klamath Estuary would be a significant impact.” Water quality and reservoir sedimentation in the Klamath basin are very complex issues.  While a 2011 DOI report did show that the reservoir sediments have toxic elements below most guidelines, the upper basin is well known to have water and sediment quality issues, and these sediments are being deposited in the reservoirs.  A 2006 PacifiCorp study concludes that the absence of the project reservoirs would exacerbate water quality impairment by reducing dissolved oxygen and promoting growth of algae.  Water quality issues above the PacifiCorp dams may be amongst the most significant risks to successful river restoration; these water quality issues should be mitigated prior to dam removal.

7)      Finally, Mr. Lynch objects to my statement that nonnative coho salmon were introduced in the Klamath starting in 1895.  A California Department of Fish and Game’s 2002 report confirms my statement and further indicates that “historically, the practice of importing non-native fish was common…” The draft EIS/EIR also states that “the vast majority of coho salmon that spawn in the Klamath Basin are believed to be of hatchery origin, although the percentage varies among years.” Based on the century-long history of nonnative salmon transfers and hatchery origin fish, it would be tough to identify a truly native wild Klamath coho.  None-the less, it is the law to protect them.

The outcomes of dam removal on this scale and in this unique environment have significant risks and uncertainties. A positive outcome is not guaranteed and a tragic outcome is possible. There are several innovative and economical solutions to meet the Klamath Basin goals that are not being actively considered because they fall outside the politics of the Klamath agreements. It is in the public trust, and a duty of scientific integrity to seriously consider these alternatives. My goal is to make sure that decision makers are aware of these risks and uncertainties, and account for them in their decision-making process. By only reporting the positive aspects of dam removal without the uncertainties and additional needed mitigation, the meaning of the science is perturbed, which may lead to poor decisions.

Dr. Paul R. Houser is a Hydrologist with over 25 years of experience. Dr. Houser in an internationally recognized expert in local to global land surface-atmospheric remote sensing, in-situ observation and numerical simulation, development and application of hydrologic data assimilation methods, scientific integrity and policy, and global water and energy cycling. More information can be found at

21 June

Supporting Rural American Coming To Del Norte

On July 14th the Constitutional Sheriff’s will be coming to Del Norte County with their message of “Supporting Rural America“.  Sheriff Dean Wilson will be hosting this event supported by the local Del Norte Tea Party Patriots.  A group of Sheriff’s from Northern California and Southern Oregon have joined up to push back on the federal overreach that is occurring.  This group of Sheriff’s have travelled all over Northern California delivering their message of concern and one of hope.

On July 14th at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds between 2 to 5 pm this Supporting Rural America event will occur.  Sheriff Wilson will be joined by as of the time of this article six other Sheriff’s: Sheriff Jon Lopey from Siskiyou County, Sheriff Tom Allman from Mendocino County, Sheriff Bruce Haney from Trinity County, Sheriff Mike Poindexter from Modoc County, Sheriff Dan Hencratt from Tehama County, and Sheriff Gil Gilbertson from Josephine County Oregon.  All of these Sheriff’s will share with you the issues they are facing in their counties and how the Sheriff’s are dealing with them.

In addition to these brave Constitutional Sheriff’s we will have Fred Kelly Grant present to tell you why the Sheriff’s role is so important in saving rural America.  The power of the Sheriff is unique as it is the only elected law enforcement official in all of government.  The Sheriff is directly elected by the people and sworn to support and defend the Constitution and the Constitution was written to limit government from interfering with an individuals “God” given rights.

If you live in Del Norte County and enjoy the outdoors then come to this meeting.  If you are a rancher, farmer, fisherman (commercial or sport), hunter, miner, or just and outdoor enthusiast then come to this meeting.  We will be discussing the Federal land management plan, travel management plan, Marine Life  Protection Act, water rights, property rights and the Salmon, the new spotted owl.

21 June

Doctor Houser on Klamath Dam Removal

Dr.Paul Houser, Ph.D Hydrometeorology Univ of Arizona.  He is currently teaching at George Mason Univ. and had worked for NASA for 9 years receiving many awards for his work.  He is well published in scientific journals.  In 2011 to 2012 he was Science Advisor, US Department of Reclamation. It was during this time that he turned whistle blower on the flawed science used to support the dam removal proposed along the Klamath River.  Dr. Houser speaks to the residents of Siskiyou County.Ca about his findings and what he knows is happening in the Department of the Interior.  You can see the entire speech at Dr. Paul Houser speaking on Klamath Dam Removal

Dr. Houser was the only scientist hired and positioned in Washington D.C. with the department of reclamation.  His job was to review all actions taken by the department that were based upon scientific studies were proper and defensible.  He was given a press release one day to be given by head of the Department of the Interior, Ken Salazar on the removal of the Klamath Dams.  Dr. Houser did his job and reviewed the science upon which this recommended action was to be taken.

Dr. Houser’s opinion was that the study was flawed both in it’s method and in it’s final findings.  The study reported that the removal of the dams would have a positive effect upon the return of salmon to a 80+%  if certain conditions were met.  Upon review Dr. Houser questioned both the assumption of any basis for the estimate of Salmon recovery at such a rate based upon any science.  In other words it was a guess without any basis for facts.  In addition the assumptions needed for the so positive return of the Salmon were unattainable.

One condition required according to the study was for the water quality in the upper Klamath River to improve.  The quality they sited as needing to improve is natural in occurrence.  It is due to the fact that the river travels through the lava fields and that effects the quality of the water.  You cannot change that fact and that was one of the factors needed for the so positive return numbers that the dam removal was based upon.

When Dr. Houser reported to his superiors that the press release should not be given due to the flawed science he was told not to write up anything that could be subject to the freedom of information act.  He did not feel right about that request and sent an email with his findings to his superior and to several others, the email is subject to the freedom of information act.  Dr Houser is a scientist and believes completely in the ethical standards of his chosen field of work.  He would not and could not condone the deliberate deception required to push forward this action based upon bad science.

For his stand he was months later let go.  He has filed both a whistle-blower case and challenged the study used to base the dam removal.  He states that dam removal maybe a correct course of action, but no action should be taken based upon flawed science.  He feels that if Salmon is the issue then cheaper and very successful alternatives should be sought out and dam removal should be the final choice not the first one.  Fish ladders can be built cheaper then removal.  Fish hatcheries which at one point were used to replenish salmon in the Klamath, due to the dams being in place could once again spawn millions of salmon.

The fact is that fringe groups of ecology nuts that only want the return of rivers to their natural state as their goal have targeted the Klamath.  They do not care about the economy, communities, power needs, human needs, water needs, or science.  They have an agenda based on an almost religious dogma that any human evidence (dams) upon the environment is evil.  The Department of the Interior has been infected by this community and is using the influence of the federal government to force, buy off or buy support for this project.  The local tribes have been promised millions of dollars if the dams are removed.  The Power company has been given promises to stand in support.

In a time when green energy is what we want and need why on earth would be support removal of some of the greatest green energy in the world.  Water energy unlike the sun and wind is always there when we need it.  Why when water storage is what is needed most in California are we looking at tearing it out.   Why when agriculture and jobs are most needed would we remove the water needed for such business to thrive.  The answers are most troubling.

We are all being sold a bill of goods and thank God the congress now has it in their hands to make this decision.  After Dr. Houser’s findings came out Director Ken Salazar stated he cannot make the decision to remove the dams and he would call on congress to make it.

Listen and learn the facts behind those that want this to happen and also to the devastation the removal will have to those communities and economies that live along the river.

20 June

Tea Party Host Local Hospital Control Townhall

On June 12th the Del Norte Tea Party Patriots hosted a townhall to allow local doctors to talk about issues dealing with Sutter Coast Hospitals move towards a regional board.  Currently the hospital is overseen by a local board, but in recent months the Sutter Hospital system wants to take over control and move it to a regional one.  This will mean a big change in what happens here in with our local hospital.

Doctors Duncan, Caldwell and Davis along with other speakers talked about what has been occuring around this issue.  One of the large fears is not only loosing local control, but the apparent slide towards attempting to make this hospital a Critical Access Hospital.  This is a special designation for a hospital that services a rural area.  The intent of this federal program is to improve medical access to rural areas with better federal funding.  But Sutter sees this as a way to improve profits.

While Sutter told locals that they are doing everything they can to improve medical access and get doctors into our area on the one hand, with the other they have been moving toward “Critical Access”.  They have reduced rooms in the hospital a 69 bed hospital and by reducing staff and limiting admissions they have reduced their cencus.  Now when asked they can show the numbers are already at the “Criticial Access” level of 25 beds or less and that the average hospital days is less then four.  They have been setting this up for years and now what to tell us this is normal.

The doctors informed us that Sutter has never lost money in running this local hospital, but that “Critical Access” will not improve care locally, but drive it further away from the community.  When Lake County Sutter Hospital did the same thing they now ship 3 to 5 a day out to other hospitals.  Now for them it is just a 30 to 40 minute ride, but for us it means Medford, Redding, San Francisico or Sacramento.  As medicare is still the primary provider Medford is out for transfers.  This puts a huge burden on many locally.

In addition those doctors that treat many for orthopedics, heart surgery and many others will not live or practice medicine where there is no hospital to admit and keep their patents through recovery.  This means we will loose importants jobs needed and wanted here in Del Norte and Curry Counties.  Medical jobs and those support services needed by them are some of the best paying jobs in our area.

We need to work with local government and those on the local Sutter Board to say “no” to regional control and “no” to “Criticial Access”.  We want a full service hospital with a staffed E.R., Acute Care Unit, Surgery, and able to hold patents for weeks not days locally.  We want better care not worse care.  The Federal program was designed to improve rural medicine, not to take a 69 bed hospital and by deception make it a 25 bed one in order to make more money.

You can listen to the whole town hall at Sutter Coast Hospital Regional vs Local Control Town Hall

10 January

Sound Money Meeting, A Stern Warning.

On 1/10/2012 our first meeting of the new year brought out Mark Kent from Redding Tea Party to talk about “Sound Money”.  Mark has been in the financial business for almost thirty years and brought a warning about the current direction our economy is heading and a strategy for people to take.

Mark laid out the problem as follows that the U.S. government has borrowed well beyond it’s means and so has Europe.  The world has never faced a global collapse of all currency at the same period of time.  The dollar is quickly becoming the place of last resort for many, but we as all so closely tied to each other through all our banking and finance that when it all starts to go we all will be taken down.

The net result of currency backed by nothing but a promise and no real value that governments will have to inflate their way out of their debt.  Inflation steals our wealth.  It is good for governments and banks but not for Joe Citizen.  The only hedge out there currently is precious metals.  Real estate use to be, but with values still not near the bottom it is not the place to retreat to just yet.

Mark recommends Silver at this time since it is greatly undervalued and the world supply is very low.  The current value on silver is being held down by investors/ banks that have shorted the market and are working hard not to loose big.  This cannot last and when it goes it will go big.  Only gold and silver hold real value and in many countries and over a dozen states is still accepted as currency for payment on debt.

I know I have long seen the coming financial problems of California and the U.S. Government.  It is what got me involved in the Tea Party to begin with the gross overspending of the federal government.  We have sold our children and grand children into slavery to a debt we and they can never repay.  We must each take action to preserve our wealth and to prepare for difficult times ahead.

10 January

Defending Rural America Oct. 22

Sheriff\’s Stand Tall for the Constitution

YREKA – Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey will lead a powerful panel of County Sheriffs during the Defend Rural America event on Oct. 22 at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds in Yreka, CA. Sheriff Lopey said many sheriffs are facing the same problems of increased unemployment, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, child abuse, elder abuse and domestic violence. That trend must be reversed, according to Sheriff Lopey.

“Regulatory over-site imposed on Siskiyou County residents, including our greatest industry of agriculture, threatens our economy, way of life, social issues and traditions,” explains Lopey. “Other sheriffs in Northern California and Oregon are having similar issues and we have a like-minded approach.”

Admittance to Defend Rural America is free; and those who seek solutions to threats against America’s national treasure of rural agricultural and open-space areas are encouraged to attend. Four groups are organizing Defend Rural America. They are: Siskiyou County Water Users Association, Scott Valley Protect Our Water, Yreka Tea Party and Redding Tea Party.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Commercial building at the fairgrounds with the premier showing of Kirk MacKenzie’s documentary DVD on Siskiyou County and its people. Seating is available for 1,000.

The film will show how the Klamath River Watershed is an integral part of Siskiyou’s issues, because of the proposal by both federal and state agencies to remove four well-maintained hydro-electric dams from the Klamath River. A number of groups throughout the region are raising awareness of the potential destruction to fish, wildlife and humans – if the huge dams are demolished. More information can be found at

After the documentary debut, the panel of Constitution Sheriffs will take the stage expressing their concerns. The audience will then be involved in a Question and Answer period.

Sheriffs who are standing with Lopey are: Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer; Del Norte, CA. Sheriff Dean Wilson; Trinity, CA. Sheriff Bruce Haney; Shasta, CA. Tom Bosenko; and Tehama, CA. Sheriff Dave Hencratt.

Also joining the sheriff panel will be noted property rights attorney Karen Budd-Falen from Wyoming. Budd-Falen represents private property owners, ranching and farming organizations, and assists local governments in asserting their rights in federal agency decisions. She has exposed radical environmental groups’ abuse of the legal system and written for “Range” magazine.

Constitutional rights are the theme running through this Defend Rural America event, which will open its gates at 3 p.m. on Oct. 22nd. Vendors are setting up tables to share information until the Honor Guard brings in the American flag at 6:30 p.m. Donations to pay for the venue will be appreciated.

For more information contact Louise Gliatto at 530-842-5443; Liz Bowen at 530-467-3515 or Erin Ryan at 530-515-7135.

Groups supporting Defend Rural America are:

Alana Burke Show,

America Betrayed Radio,

California Watershed Posse,

Central Valley Tea Party – Sanger chapter,

Cold Spring Ranch,

Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association,

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21,

Eagle Forum Long Beach,

East Bay Tea Party,

Freedom Advocates,

Friends of Independence Lake,

Fred Kelly Grant Ltd.

Greenhorn Grange,

High Heart Ranch, Animal Rescue,

Liberty in America, Janis Turner


Klamath Bucket Brigade,

Klamath Off-Project Water Users Association,

Marshall Ranch,,

NARLO Limited LLC,

National Association of Rural Landowners,

Operation Green Out,

Pomona Grange,

Post Sustainability Institute,

Radio Liberty,

Redding Tea Party Patriots,

Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition,

Sheriff Richard Mack,

Shingletown Patriots,

Siskiyou Country Radio, KSYC 103.9 FM,

Siskiyou County CattleWomen,

Siskiyou County Republican Women Federated,

Siskiyou Tea Party,

Solano Tea Party Patriots,

South Placer County Tea Party Patriots,

South Siskiyou County Republican Women Federated,

Stockton Tea Party Patriots,

Tea Party Boot Camp Radio, KYNO 904 AM,

The Liberators,



We The People Radio KCNR 1460 AM

06 October

“One Nation Under God”

On August 9th I had the pleasure of listening and learning about so much of our American history and heritage that I knew nothing about.  I sat in the Cornerstone Assembly of God Church and listened to Tim Barton from Wallbuilders with about 165 other persons in attendance.  We learned about the facts that American Exceptional ism is based upon our county being a Christian Nation, founded and based on Christian principals and values.

I learned of all the preachers, women and black men that fought and died for the founding of our country, but of whom we know nothing about.  We have stopped teaching the history to our children in public schools and wonder why 26% of Americans do not know the 4th of July celebrates our separation from England.

I wish everyone could have been there to listen to the history and message that was delivered that day.  I know for me that I walked away with a since of hope that if America can reconnect with our Constitution and our Christian heritage we can turn this nation around.

08 July

Tea Parties going to the Fair!

If you find yourself walking around the Del Norte County Fair this year stop by the main building and visit us at the Del Norte Tea Party Patriots booth.  Once again we will passing on the word about the need for Americans to wake up and take back our country.

We the People need to get ready to take control of the election process.  We need to put candidates forward in the Democrat and Republican parties that hold the values of the Tea Party.  Constitutional limited Federal Government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.

We have so much work to do between now and Nov. 2012 and the revolt we started in 2010 was just a warning shot.  They have failed to listen and we must send a stronger message, enough is enough.  Do the peoples work not the desires of the political parties, power or money.  Once again we must send the message loud and clear, you work for us and we are going to hold you accountable.

27 June

4th of July Parade

This Forth of July don’t just watch the parade join it.  The Del Norte Tea Party Patriots will have a float in the parade and will march.  The theme of the parade this year is “A Grand Old Flag”  dress in your best patriot garb and walk with us.

We will be forming up at around 8:30 somewhere along the parade set up north of 9th st on H st.  Meet you there and join the fun.

15 April

Senator Rand Paul on the Tea Party

Senator Rand Paul on Tea Party Watch this video.

We all have to realize we can not continue to spend and run our country off of the cliff.  We must stop and do the right thing and yes, it will hurt, but it is the right thing to do for our County and our children.