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18 October

Defending the Tea Party meeting

The meeting of October 12th was highlighted by a presentation given by Bob Cochran on public speaking.  The focus of the discussion was in order to have a dialog one must first truly listen, attempt to understand, validate the others feelings and then and only then can one hope to be heard.

As we look at the news today we don’t see much of that from both sides of the issue and we in the Tea Party know this quite well.  Today the media darlings are the Occupy Wall Street group and we see public and political figures striding in to show support for their protest, but what are they protesting.  I have yet to see anyone really listening to them or trying to understand what is their message and where to they want to go.

The Tea Party was discounted instantly by the media and still today even after the powerful showing in the 2010 elections we are maligned and discounted.  We are told we are on the decline.  We were not listened too and if you listen to most of the pundits today they still don’t understand the Tea Party Movement or power.

We will be there in 2012 and America will see true political influence.  While the Unions (ALF/CIO, SEIU, Teachers Union) support and use the Occupy Wall Street mod to push their agenda, listen to understand the meaning of their message and judge for yourself if that is the America of your vision.  I know it is not of mine.

The Tea Party is alive and well and growing in power every month.  We will be more of a power player in 2012.  Republicans and Democrats need to be afraid because after November 2012 we are taking this country back from the Politicians and the Parties.

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