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10 January

Sound Money Meeting, A Stern Warning.

On 1/10/2012 our first meeting of the new year brought out Mark Kent from Redding Tea Party to talk about “Sound Money”.  Mark has been in the financial business for almost thirty years and brought a warning about the current direction our economy is heading and a strategy for people to take.

Mark laid out the problem as follows that the U.S. government has borrowed well beyond it’s means and so has Europe.  The world has never faced a global collapse of all currency at the same period of time.  The dollar is quickly becoming the place of last resort for many, but we as all so closely tied to each other through all our banking and finance that when it all starts to go we all will be taken down.

The net result of currency backed by nothing but a promise and no real value that governments will have to inflate their way out of their debt.  Inflation steals our wealth.  It is good for governments and banks but not for Joe Citizen.  The only hedge out there currently is precious metals.  Real estate use to be, but with values still not near the bottom it is not the place to retreat to just yet.

Mark recommends Silver at this time since it is greatly undervalued and the world supply is very low.  The current value on silver is being held down by investors/ banks that have shorted the market and are working hard not to loose big.  This cannot last and when it goes it will go big.  Only gold and silver hold real value and in many countries and over a dozen states is still accepted as currency for payment on debt.

I know I have long seen the coming financial problems of California and the U.S. Government.  It is what got me involved in the Tea Party to begin with the gross overspending of the federal government.  We have sold our children and grand children into slavery to a debt we and they can never repay.  We must each take action to preserve our wealth and to prepare for difficult times ahead.

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