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21 June

Doctor Houser on Klamath Dam Removal

Dr.Paul Houser, Ph.D Hydrometeorology Univ of Arizona.  He is currently teaching at George Mason Univ. and had worked for NASA for 9 years receiving many awards for his work.  He is well published in scientific journals.  In 2011 to 2012 he was Science Advisor, US Department of Reclamation. It was during this time that he turned whistle blower on the flawed science used to support the dam removal proposed along the Klamath River.  Dr. Houser speaks to the residents of Siskiyou County.Ca about his findings and what he knows is happening in the Department of the Interior.  You can see the entire speech at Dr. Paul Houser speaking on Klamath Dam Removal

Dr. Houser was the only scientist hired and positioned in Washington D.C. with the department of reclamation.  His job was to review all actions taken by the department that were based upon scientific studies were proper and defensible.  He was given a press release one day to be given by head of the Department of the Interior, Ken Salazar on the removal of the Klamath Dams.  Dr. Houser did his job and reviewed the science upon which this recommended action was to be taken.

Dr. Houser’s opinion was that the study was flawed both in it’s method and in it’s final findings.  The study reported that the removal of the dams would have a positive effect upon the return of salmon to a 80+%  if certain conditions were met.  Upon review Dr. Houser questioned both the assumption of any basis for the estimate of Salmon recovery at such a rate based upon any science.  In other words it was a guess without any basis for facts.  In addition the assumptions needed for the so positive return of the Salmon were unattainable.

One condition required according to the study was for the water quality in the upper Klamath River to improve.  The quality they sited as needing to improve is natural in occurrence.  It is due to the fact that the river travels through the lava fields and that effects the quality of the water.  You cannot change that fact and that was one of the factors needed for the so positive return numbers that the dam removal was based upon.

When Dr. Houser reported to his superiors that the press release should not be given due to the flawed science he was told not to write up anything that could be subject to the freedom of information act.  He did not feel right about that request and sent an email with his findings to his superior and to several others, the email is subject to the freedom of information act.  Dr Houser is a scientist and believes completely in the ethical standards of his chosen field of work.  He would not and could not condone the deliberate deception required to push forward this action based upon bad science.

For his stand he was months later let go.  He has filed both a whistle-blower case and challenged the study used to base the dam removal.  He states that dam removal maybe a correct course of action, but no action should be taken based upon flawed science.  He feels that if Salmon is the issue then cheaper and very successful alternatives should be sought out and dam removal should be the final choice not the first one.  Fish ladders can be built cheaper then removal.  Fish hatcheries which at one point were used to replenish salmon in the Klamath, due to the dams being in place could once again spawn millions of salmon.

The fact is that fringe groups of ecology nuts that only want the return of rivers to their natural state as their goal have targeted the Klamath.  They do not care about the economy, communities, power needs, human needs, water needs, or science.  They have an agenda based on an almost religious dogma that any human evidence (dams) upon the environment is evil.  The Department of the Interior has been infected by this community and is using the influence of the federal government to force, buy off or buy support for this project.  The local tribes have been promised millions of dollars if the dams are removed.  The Power company has been given promises to stand in support.

In a time when green energy is what we want and need why on earth would be support removal of some of the greatest green energy in the world.  Water energy unlike the sun and wind is always there when we need it.  Why when water storage is what is needed most in California are we looking at tearing it out.   Why when agriculture and jobs are most needed would we remove the water needed for such business to thrive.  The answers are most troubling.

We are all being sold a bill of goods and thank God the congress now has it in their hands to make this decision.  After Dr. Houser’s findings came out Director Ken Salazar stated he cannot make the decision to remove the dams and he would call on congress to make it.

Listen and learn the facts behind those that want this to happen and also to the devastation the removal will have to those communities and economies that live along the river.

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