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21 June

Supporting Rural American Coming To Del Norte

On July 14th the Constitutional Sheriff’s will be coming to Del Norte County with their message of “Supporting Rural America“.  Sheriff Dean Wilson will be hosting this event supported by the local Del Norte Tea Party Patriots.  A group of Sheriff’s from Northern California and Southern Oregon have joined up to push back on the federal overreach that is occurring.  This group of Sheriff’s have travelled all over Northern California delivering their message of concern and one of hope.

On July 14th at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds between 2 to 5 pm this Supporting Rural America event will occur.  Sheriff Wilson will be joined by as of the time of this article six other Sheriff’s: Sheriff Jon Lopey from Siskiyou County, Sheriff Tom Allman from Mendocino County, Sheriff Bruce Haney from Trinity County, Sheriff Mike Poindexter from Modoc County, Sheriff Dan Hencratt from Tehama County, and Sheriff Gil Gilbertson from Josephine County Oregon.  All of these Sheriff’s will share with you the issues they are facing in their counties and how the Sheriff’s are dealing with them.

In addition to these brave Constitutional Sheriff’s we will have Fred Kelly Grant present to tell you why the Sheriff’s role is so important in saving rural America.  The power of the Sheriff is unique as it is the only elected law enforcement official in all of government.  The Sheriff is directly elected by the people and sworn to support and defend the Constitution and the Constitution was written to limit government from interfering with an individuals “God” given rights.

If you live in Del Norte County and enjoy the outdoors then come to this meeting.  If you are a rancher, farmer, fisherman (commercial or sport), hunter, miner, or just and outdoor enthusiast then come to this meeting.  We will be discussing the Federal land management plan, travel management plan, Marine Life  Protection Act, water rights, property rights and the Salmon, the new spotted owl.

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