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04 April

Constututional Scholar to Teach May 18

KrisAnne Hall 10 minutes for Liberty

Del Norte Tea Party Patriots will be hosting a class on the Constitution on May 18th starting at 0900 am at the Lighthouse Inn in Crescent City.  The teacher KrisAnne Hall is a Constitutional Attorney and Scholar from Floradia.  She is by far the best teacher on the Constitution that we have had visit our area.  If you have gone to a Constitution class in the past you need to get to this one.  If you think you know the Constitution then like me you will learn what you did not know you didn’t know.

The class is free, but KrisAnne will have books and DVD’s on hand to sell.  She has several books on the Constitution as well as storybooks for kids on American history.

We are so lucky to have KrisAnne Hall visiting our area.  She has presented to groups throughout the country and to the Constitutional Sheriff’s Conference.

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