Del Norte Tea Party Patriots

Liberty in the Northwest

24 July

Tea Party at the Del Norte County Fair

The Del Norte Tea Party Patriots will be at the fair again this year and we hope to see you all there.  The Del Norte County Fair is once again August 1-4 and we will have a booth in the main building.  We will be handing out information on many issues critical to Del Norte County.

We will be keeping everyone up on the Sutter Coast Hospital efforts to regionalize and on the meaning of Critical Care Access and how that will hurt our community.  We need to stand with Dr. Duncan and stop what is happening to out local medical services.

We will also be providing information on the newest education coming to California through “Common Core”  This is a top down educational system pushed through the Federal government with the lure of money, but with lower standards for our children.  This is coming to Del Norte County even though our local and state curriculum boards have not approved or will they be able to change them.  Many states have refused Common Core and we should too.

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