Del Norte Tea Party Patriots

Liberty in the Northwest

20 November

Welcome to the State of Jefferson

On October 8th 2013 Mark Baird arrived from Siskiyou County with a message and a mission to bring about the State of Jefferson.

Click on this link to view the presentation:

State of Jefferson Presentation to Del Norte Tea Party

The idea of the 51st State has been around a long time and had it’s best chance in 1941, but got derailed when the war started.  Today we are looking at the strong desire for representative government.  The counties that make up more than 1/3rd of the State of California’s geography account for less that 10% of the population feel powerless and unrepresented in Sacramento.

For those of us who live in the very rural portions of California we are being subjected to the laws passed in Sacramento that neither represent the values of our communities or of the people that live in them.  We are forced to see our way of life dismantled by those who do not care because our vote matters little and holds little power politically.  The Republican Party is powerless in Sacramento and with recent initiatives passed by voters it has only gotten worse.  The ability to pass a budget with a simple majority has solidified the one party rule in California and neutered the Republican Party.  Even the rural caucus that once had influence under the dome has become irrelevant to the discussion as the liberal urban centers push their legislative agenda and budgets through the capital.

The issues that once fueled a nation to raise up against its King are once again the issues we face in Northern California.  Our money is taken, we are subjected to your laws, but we have no voice or influence in your government.  We have been left with only one political solution to this situation and that is to form a new state the State of Jefferson.  Where the size and population of this new state will allow for a more representative form of government and it will be formed and established to ensure such a government.

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