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20 November

Loss of Local Control in Del Norte County

We in the Tea Party have long recognized the threat of big government.  We know that the U.S. Constitution was written to limit the federal government and to retain the power held by the states, but more importantly with the people.  This path of government worked to retain power at the lowest level where government was to be held most accountable, to the people.

Today in Del Norte County we are faced with two such battles for local control.  One which targets the health of our community and the second our future.  Sutter Coast Hospital has been working on the elimination of the local board, which oversees the hospital and turn that duty over to a regional board.  This board is located some 300 miles from Del Norte County and will be comprised of many who have no ties to our community or care about the service our community receives.  Now we are told it will benefit us in many ways, but the only one this benefits is the Sutter Hospital Industry.  They will be free to bring about the changes to  our hospital without the pesky interference of the local board or the community leaders.  They will be free to bring about the critical access hospital changes that will increase their profit, but leave in its wake the deterioration of health care in Del Norte County.

The second battle front is within our school system.  Most parents have not heard of “Common Core” but they need to find out about it.  You will be told that it was started by a group of Governors that met in 2009 in and effort to set standards in education.  The truth is something far more problematic that that.  What was done was an act that moved toward a nationalized education, which is something that most states have fought about.  You see every state has a state board of education that sets the curriculum for each state.  Local school boards in our communities then adopt and can modify these state standards to meet the needs of the students and the sensibilities of the communities.  Common Core took this power and control away.

You see Common Core is a standard, not curriculum.  If they called it curriculum then the Governors could not have adopted it in the 45 states that they did including California. As curriculum it is subject to the State boards of education and would need to go through their approval, but as a standard it did not.  With the standards set they only needed a way to test them and so tests were written.  With standards and tests established it forces states to adopt curriculum that teaches to those tests and standards.  This was a backdoor to national education and it took away all local control.

With Common Core if fully implemented local boards of education will have no input in changing the tests or the standards as they are set on the federal level.  All children will be data mined from pre-K through college.  They will also be tested not only on knowledge, but on their opinions.  If their opinions are the correct ones then you are standard, if not then what?

This type of education takes away the most basic of our rights to representative government.  That those we elect to office should be held accountable to those that placed them into office.  What we are seeing is that those in local government are loosing more and more of their power and influence.  We no longer can decide what books to allow our children to study.  What courses they should take and what we want them to learn.  Today these decisions are being made in Washington and bought by Bill and Melinda Gates in order to make Microsoft rich and to make them a new generation of customers as they will mold their likes and desires through their Common Core.

We must fight to keep and retain local control of our hospital and our children’s education.  Regionalization and nationalized education rob us of our control and our right to decide what is best for our community.

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