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10 January

Defending Rural America Oct. 22

Sheriff\’s Stand Tall for the Constitution

YREKA – Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey will lead a powerful panel of County Sheriffs during the Defend Rural America event on Oct. 22 at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds in Yreka, CA. Sheriff Lopey said many sheriffs are facing the same problems of increased unemployment, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, child abuse, elder abuse and domestic violence. That trend must be reversed, according to Sheriff Lopey.

“Regulatory over-site imposed on Siskiyou County residents, including our greatest industry of agriculture, threatens our economy, way of life, social issues and traditions,” explains Lopey. “Other sheriffs in Northern California and Oregon are having similar issues and we have a like-minded approach.”

Admittance to Defend Rural America is free; and those who seek solutions to threats against America’s national treasure of rural agricultural and open-space areas are encouraged to attend. Four groups are organizing Defend Rural America. They are: Siskiyou County Water Users Association, Scott Valley Protect Our Water, Yreka Tea Party and Redding Tea Party.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Commercial building at the fairgrounds with the premier showing of Kirk MacKenzie’s documentary DVD on Siskiyou County and its people. Seating is available for 1,000.

The film will show how the Klamath River Watershed is an integral part of Siskiyou’s issues, because of the proposal by both federal and state agencies to remove four well-maintained hydro-electric dams from the Klamath River. A number of groups throughout the region are raising awareness of the potential destruction to fish, wildlife and humans – if the huge dams are demolished. More information can be found at

After the documentary debut, the panel of Constitution Sheriffs will take the stage expressing their concerns. The audience will then be involved in a Question and Answer period.

Sheriffs who are standing with Lopey are: Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer; Del Norte, CA. Sheriff Dean Wilson; Trinity, CA. Sheriff Bruce Haney; Shasta, CA. Tom Bosenko; and Tehama, CA. Sheriff Dave Hencratt.

Also joining the sheriff panel will be noted property rights attorney Karen Budd-Falen from Wyoming. Budd-Falen represents private property owners, ranching and farming organizations, and assists local governments in asserting their rights in federal agency decisions. She has exposed radical environmental groups’ abuse of the legal system and written for “Range” magazine.

Constitutional rights are the theme running through this Defend Rural America event, which will open its gates at 3 p.m. on Oct. 22nd. Vendors are setting up tables to share information until the Honor Guard brings in the American flag at 6:30 p.m. Donations to pay for the venue will be appreciated.

For more information contact Louise Gliatto at 530-842-5443; Liz Bowen at 530-467-3515 or Erin Ryan at 530-515-7135.

Groups supporting Defend Rural America are:

Alana Burke Show,

America Betrayed Radio,

California Watershed Posse,

Central Valley Tea Party – Sanger chapter,

Cold Spring Ranch,

Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association,

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21,

Eagle Forum Long Beach,

East Bay Tea Party,

Freedom Advocates,

Friends of Independence Lake,

Fred Kelly Grant Ltd.

Greenhorn Grange,

High Heart Ranch, Animal Rescue,

Liberty in America, Janis Turner


Klamath Bucket Brigade,

Klamath Off-Project Water Users Association,

Marshall Ranch,,

NARLO Limited LLC,

National Association of Rural Landowners,

Operation Green Out,

Pomona Grange,

Post Sustainability Institute,

Radio Liberty,

Redding Tea Party Patriots,

Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition,

Sheriff Richard Mack,

Shingletown Patriots,

Siskiyou Country Radio, KSYC 103.9 FM,

Siskiyou County CattleWomen,

Siskiyou County Republican Women Federated,

Siskiyou Tea Party,

Solano Tea Party Patriots,

South Placer County Tea Party Patriots,

South Siskiyou County Republican Women Federated,

Stockton Tea Party Patriots,

Tea Party Boot Camp Radio, KYNO 904 AM,

The Liberators,



We The People Radio KCNR 1460 AM

18 October

Defending the Tea Party meeting

The meeting of October 12th was highlighted by a presentation given by Bob Cochran on public speaking.  The focus of the discussion was in order to have a dialog one must first truly listen, attempt to understand, validate the others feelings and then and only then can one hope to be heard.

As we look at the news today we don’t see much of that from both sides of the issue and we in the Tea Party know this quite well.  Today the media darlings are the Occupy Wall Street group and we see public and political figures striding in to show support for their protest, but what are they protesting.  I have yet to see anyone really listening to them or trying to understand what is their message and where to they want to go.

The Tea Party was discounted instantly by the media and still today even after the powerful showing in the 2010 elections we are maligned and discounted.  We are told we are on the decline.  We were not listened too and if you listen to most of the pundits today they still don’t understand the Tea Party Movement or power.

We will be there in 2012 and America will see true political influence.  While the Unions (ALF/CIO, SEIU, Teachers Union) support and use the Occupy Wall Street mod to push their agenda, listen to understand the meaning of their message and judge for yourself if that is the America of your vision.  I know it is not of mine.

The Tea Party is alive and well and growing in power every month.  We will be more of a power player in 2012.  Republicans and Democrats need to be afraid because after November 2012 we are taking this country back from the Politicians and the Parties.

06 October

“One Nation Under God”

On August 9th I had the pleasure of listening and learning about so much of our American history and heritage that I knew nothing about.  I sat in the Cornerstone Assembly of God Church and listened to Tim Barton from Wallbuilders with about 165 other persons in attendance.  We learned about the facts that American Exceptional ism is based upon our county being a Christian Nation, founded and based on Christian principals and values.

I learned of all the preachers, women and black men that fought and died for the founding of our country, but of whom we know nothing about.  We have stopped teaching the history to our children in public schools and wonder why 26% of Americans do not know the 4th of July celebrates our separation from England.

I wish everyone could have been there to listen to the history and message that was delivered that day.  I know for me that I walked away with a since of hope that if America can reconnect with our Constitution and our Christian heritage we can turn this nation around.

08 July

Tea Parties going to the Fair!

If you find yourself walking around the Del Norte County Fair this year stop by the main building and visit us at the Del Norte Tea Party Patriots booth.  Once again we will passing on the word about the need for Americans to wake up and take back our country.

We the People need to get ready to take control of the election process.  We need to put candidates forward in the Democrat and Republican parties that hold the values of the Tea Party.  Constitutional limited Federal Government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.

We have so much work to do between now and Nov. 2012 and the revolt we started in 2010 was just a warning shot.  They have failed to listen and we must send a stronger message, enough is enough.  Do the peoples work not the desires of the political parties, power or money.  Once again we must send the message loud and clear, you work for us and we are going to hold you accountable.

27 June

4th of July Parade

This Forth of July don’t just watch the parade join it.  The Del Norte Tea Party Patriots will have a float in the parade and will march.  The theme of the parade this year is “A Grand Old Flag”  dress in your best patriot garb and walk with us.

We will be forming up at around 8:30 somewhere along the parade set up north of 9th st on H st.  Meet you there and join the fun.

15 April

Senator Rand Paul on the Tea Party

Senator Rand Paul on Tea Party Watch this video.

We all have to realize we can not continue to spend and run our country off of the cliff.  We must stop and do the right thing and yes, it will hurt, but it is the right thing to do for our County and our children.

12 March

Constitution Class a Success.

The Lighthouse Inn was the home for eight hours of education and entertainment as Joseph Andrews taught 65 local patriots about the Constitution.  The crowd consisted had some young students who had come to learn about history not taught in schools today.

The class started with how the Founding Fathers studied and learned in their day and age.  Many were self taught and we learned the advantage to learn from the material written closest to the source.  They learned to read Latin and Hebrew in order to read the original text.  We can learn from them and follow their example to learn about our history.

The lunch was pot luck and it was a great time to socialize.  The afternoon secession went very fast as we focused on Thomas Payne’s “Common Sense” and came to realize what an impact his writing had on the decision to separate from England.

All and all it was a success and those in attendance seemed to enjoy the day spent learning about who we are and how we got to where we are today.  The final message was one of hope that as long as we truly learn about the Constitution we can save our country through hard work and “Davine Providence”.

12 February

First Movie Night a success.

We had ninety members attend our first movie night to watch “Generation Zero”.  Most got a lot from the film showing how America and the world had come to the edge of an economic abyss.  How straying from those core principals that our country had been founded upon had caused the whole failure of our system. 

How it was not a failure of our free market system, but a failure of governments duty to regulate commerce.  Politicians had gotten into bed with business during the 80’s and created a climate of high reward and no risk for them, because tax payers were covering their bets. 

We must now take painful and positive action in Washington DC and at the local level to cut spending, reduce the size and scope of government or risk the total loss our our freedom and the American Dream.

The American experiment is “Can Man Rule Himself” and for me and mine the Answer is “Yes”.

31 January

Tea Party Meeting Brings in Record Crowd.

The Del Norte Tea Party Patriots meeting held on Jan. 24 with speaker John Gray who gave a talk on the history of our founding and the Constitution to 105 in attendance.  This is the largest general meeting attendance since we started our group.  This is a great statement as to how people feel about the direction of our government and the solution to the problem.

The Tea Party started because voters felt the Democrat and Republican parties were no different both believed in big government and big spending .  Both parties had failed to listen to the voters and now after Nov. 2nd 2010 they are listening.  The Tea Party is now the most effective political power in the U.S. and we will be more effective in 2012.  We the People must take back our government and restore the Constitution to it’s rightful place in our government and restore our freedom. 

This change will be painful as in cutting back spending will mean cuts to many social programs that many Americans depend upon, but we have no choice.  Americans have always been up for a challenge and we do not flinch in the face of a threat, and our debt is the greatest threat to our freedom and our country.

We wish to thank the Daily Triplicate for coming and doing a fine report on the meeting.  Also to all of those who have written letters to the editor as discussion is the best way to open thought and to foster wisdom.

18 January

Great Potluck Meeting.

On Jan.11 we had our first Tea Party meeting of the year and planned a social potluck.  We had 95 person in attendance and plenty of great food for everyone.  It was a great success for our first such meeting and we had a lot of great input from those in attendance.

We invited all to give feedback on what they wish to get done in 2011 with the tea party.  Getting more involved in the local political elections and committees was high on the list.  We will be looking for good candidates to get onto the Board of Supervisors and the City Council as well as most committees and boards. 

We asked for those in attendence to get more involved with the groups we currently have going, Constitutional Studies, Candidate Support and research, Fiscial Responsibility and party recruitment.  We hope other groups grow and get started this year.

I have added several links to the page as requests from this meeting.  The one is a link for all California government phone numbers and the other is a link to the tea party social network. 

It was a great first meeting and those in attendance we asked to next time bring a friend.  The Del Norte Tea Party Patriots is currently the largest single political organization in Del Norte County, now let’s get to work saving our community and country.